Dora Marion Bamsey W31903

December 12, 1924 - June 6, 1943

Dora Marion Bamsey Dora Marion Bamsey Dora Marion Bamsey Dora Marion Bamsey Dora Marion Bamsey Dora Marion Bamsey

RCAF Women's Division

Dora Marion Bamsey was born on December 12, 1924 in Jarrow, Alberta, daughter of Percy R. and Jessie Alice Bamsey, later of Edmonton. She had two brothers, Walter and Arthur (RCNVR) and four sisters, Mrs. Bruce McKenzie of Vancouver, Mrs. S. May, Edmonton, Miss Ina of Ottawa and Gertrude with the RCAF in Branford, Ontario. Listed as religion: United Church.

She had had two years of high school (partial Grade XI) and was unemplyed when she enlisted in Edmonton on February 22, 1923. She stood 5'3" tall and weighed 102 pounds. She had reddish brown hair and blue eyes. She was assessed as "small build but fit; has some self-assurance." She liked sewing, bicycle riding, and skiing (moderately).

She was sent to Rockcliffe, Ontario to No. 7 Manning Depot and was there for about four weeks for basic training. From there she sent to No. 2 KTS (Composite Training School) in Toronto from March 26 to May 20, 1943. She received the following comments: "This airwoman has had no previous experience in clerical work. Maintained average marks in theory and typing. Quiet, conscientious student. Applied herself diligently to the work. Should make an average Clerk." There were 46 other women in her class where she was ranked 41. She was not suitable as an Instructor.

While at No. 2 KTS, AW2 Bamsey was admitted to the hospital on May 1 until May 4, 1943 with impetigo on her face. She had had lesions on her face for ten days prior to going to the hospital. She "developed a lesion on dorsum of nose about ten days ago. Has had a haem, strep, pharyngitis. Yesterday, she suddently developed papular & vesicular and crusty multiple lesions to right side of lips. They are spreading rapidly." She was found to have vesicular dermatitis with crusting on lower right cheek, over area of aout 3 cm in diameter. She was given magnesium sulfate then boric acid compresses and ung. hydrarg. ammon. On May 4th, her condition improved and she returned to duty.

On May 21, 1943, she travelled back across the country to Vulcan, Alberta as a General Clerk, to No. 19 Service Flying Training School.

After only 16 days of being at her posting, Dora Bamsey was admitted to No. 19 Station Hospital on May 30th or 31st, 1943 until she died on June 6, 1943 suffering from streptococcal septicemia and acute bacterial endocarditis at the age of 18. She served for three months and seven days, according to the Registration of Death form.

Aircraftwoman 1st Class Bamsey was buried in a soldier's plot at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Edmonton, Alberta. See obituary and funeral announcement above for more details.

From the inventory of personal clothing, AW1 Bamsey had clothes, toiletries, a writing case, 43 personal letters, a soap box containing a watch, plus her identification discs and card.