Isabel Luella Young W306370

July 23, 1923 - March 5, 1943

Isabel Luella Young Isabel Luella Young Isabel Luella Young Isabel Luella Young

RCAF Women's Division

Isabel Luella Young was the only child of Douglas Young and Isabel Luella (nee Glendinning) Young of Montreal, Quebec. Mr. Young was an office clerk. The family was Presbyterian. Sometime before the 1940s, Mr. Young passed away.

Isabel attended Hochelaga Convent from 1929 to 1932, in French, then attended St. Emily's Convent from 1932 to 1934, again in French. From 1934 to 1937, she went to Victoria School and then attended Montreal High School in 1938, where she completed Grade 8. From 1938 to 1941, she attended Girls' Training School in Cowansville, Quebec, and also did housework, sewing and cooking during this time.

Isabel had the measles, whooping cough, scarlet fever and the chicken pox as a child, plus fractured her right arm.

From April 1941 to May 1942, she worked at T. Eaton Co. Ltd., in Montreal as a parcel girl, but did not like the work. She moved to Velvacraft, doing factory work from May to July 1942, but was laid off.

On August 1942, A/S/O Seymour received a reference letter from Mrs. A. M. Storey, Field Worker, Girls Cottage Industrial School. "The bearer is ISABEL YOUNG about whom we spoke to you by telephone. Miss Young appears to have the general qualifications for enlistment in the RCAF and is very eager to be accepted. From our knowledge of her, we feel she would readily conform to discipline and would probably be more useful as a cook or fabric worker. Thanking you for your interest and cooperation." On August 10, 1942, the superintendent of the GCIS wrote, "Isabel Young attended our school for two years and attained the 7th grade. During this time, I found her always painstaking in her work and her behaviour excellent."

On her attestation papers, Isabel's general appearance was classified as athletic. She had brown hair, blue eyes, and weighed 121 pounds. She was bilingual. She noted she liked to skate, play basketball, baseball, badminton and ping pong. Her plans for after the war: learn typing and shorthand or become a children's nurse. The RCAF (WD) took her on strength as a cook.


On August 18, 1942, she was assessed by Sgt. J. Forbes. "Borderline case in C. T. score. Very keen to join and very anxious to go in as a cook. Applicant appears to have a nice personality, healthy and cheerful. With discipline of WD, she should prove capable airwoman."

On August 20, 1942, the Medical Officer, F/L G. L. Sutton assessed Isabel. "Quiet. Fairly pleasant manner. Slightly less than average intelligence. Not very impressive." The interviewing officer, S/O Suzanne Simard of Montreal, wrote: "She is bilingual. A good type of applicant. Intelligent and seems reliable. Athletic type of girl. Opened face and is very enthusiastic. Gay type. Will be disciplined. Seems to be very healthy. Good." S/O Simard gave talks promoting the enlistment of Francophone young women to the RCAF (WD), where they would be offered schooling to learn and or improve their English.

Isabel was admitted to Station Hospital October 19, 1942.

She was in the hospital again December 29, 1942 to January 4, 1943, then admitted from January 5 - 7, 1943

On January 23, 1943, LAW Young was sent to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal from Rockcliffe, Ontario. "This patient developed a cold one week before admission. Was admitted to the Camp Hospital at Rockcliffe for five days prior. She was discharged four days before admission to the RVH. She was diagnosed with sinusitis. About February 25, 1943, patient developed an inhalation type of lung infection secondary to her pansinusitis (bilaterial pneumonia)...ulcerations on tongue and gums. Haemogram on February 24 showed a well marked anaemia."

Isabel had an x-ray on February 1 of her sinuses and mastoids. On February 2, she had her teeth examined. "Molar and bicuspid regions have been packed with gauze dressings saturated with zinc oxide and sulfathiazole powder." February 12: "Patient has developed right sided chest pain today." February 18: "Very light growth of streptoccocus viridans and of micrococci." February 24: "Very light growth of diphtheroids and of green streptoccocci." Vitamin K "might be of value." February 25th: "There is an irregularity of the right pupil. There is roughening of the breathing sounds and patchy blowing breathing in the left base, also rough breakting in her right hilar area.The increased prothrombin time can explain the bleeding from the G.U. tract. I feel she has an inhalation type of lung infection secondary to her pansinusitis. Continue Vitamin K therapy. X-ray chest sulfathiozole intravenously then by rectum. 'Sick list.'" Dr. Sutherland. Opinion: Bilateral pneumonia."

At 11 pm, on March 5, 1943, Isabel Luella Young died at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal of lateral pneumonia and pansinusitis, left, chronic mastoiditis, and anaemia. She was buried in the Glendinning family plot in Pointe Claire Lake View Memorial Gardens.

In the list of personal belongings, LAW Young had three white towels, clothing, a bathing cap, a cigarette case (Air Force blue, with crest), make-up, a mending kit, a blue money belt, and a letter from her mother. Her maternal aunt, Ruth Glendinning, was the executor of Isabel's will.

On April 12, 1943, Mrs. Young wrote to the Estates Branch: "I have received express carton of my deceased daughter's personal effects. I am returning some of the articles that don't belong to me, as I am familiar and purchased myself, most of her personal effects. Please advise me about coat, cap, shoes, etc. at my house and are the RCAF. Thanking you."

Mrs. Young wrote on the Estates form: "The amount allowed by the RCAF for the burial of my daughter was only $70 as you no doubt know. The burial given her for this amount I did not think fitting enough for an RCAF (WD). My statement from Wray's is for $186.70 less $70 to be paid by the RCAF. That still leaves me quite an amount to still pay. Isabel was my only support and I think I could be allowed more on her funeral expenses. On the statement from Wray's, they have charged me for hearse hire, the amount of $15. The hearse was supplied by the RCAF carriage. Can Wray's charge me for that? Hoping to have a reply at an early date."

On June 8, 1943, Mrs. Young wrote another letter. "Received your letter some days ago. Why did you ask me to send the a/c if nothing is to be done about it? Would you consider $70.00 sufficient for any member of your faimly? I know what you would answer. I would like Wray's a/c sent back to me if it is not asking too much. I consider that it is the least the RCAF could do for me. Ask your MO at Rockcliffe why he gave my daughter a 48 hour leave when she was in no fit condition to travel in twenty or more below zero. You know doctors are known to make mistakes. The last pay my daughter received was on January 15th. There is two months pay a/c coming and I am entitled to my daughter's will. I do hope things will be straightened out soon as you have taken more than three months now."

Mrs. Young received a reply from the Estates Branch, dated June 16, 1943. "Thank you for your letter of June 8th. Pursuant to your request, we are returning herewith the statement of your account with Jos. C. Wray & Bro. It was requested that this account be sent to us so that we could examine it to make certain that you had received payment of all amounts which we are authorized to pay under Regulations. The funeral expenses payable by the RCAF are definitely fixed as to amount, and there is no way in which exceptions can be made. It has been our experience that the amount authorized buys a satisfactory funeral and the next-of-kin have generally been well satisfied with provisions made in this connection. Your daughter's pay account has been verified by Air Treasury at $75.15 and a cheque in this amount has been requisitioned in your favour and will go forward to you as soon as possible."

On August 20, 1945, Mrs. Young wrote another letter, this time to the Department of National Defence, Air Service. "Dear Sir, In answer to your letter of August 10 regarding dependent's allowance, there is very little information I can give you as you have it all in your files. My daughter, Isabel, sent me a small amount each month. I am a widow with no other children."