Marie Cecile Dussio

March 17, 1912 - August 2, 1946

Marie Cecile Dussio Marie Cecile Dussio Marie Cecile Dussio

Nursing Sister

Marie Cecile Levesque was the daughter of Joseph Adilant Levesque, and his wife, Marguerite, of Montreal, Quebec. On the baptismal certificate, Marie was baptized on December 22, 1912, 'born two days earlier.'

Marie attended the Congregation des Soeurs de Notre Dame (Pointe Claire) from 1926 - 1930 for high school, earning her junior matricuation. From 1933 to 1936, she studied nursing at the Notre Dame Hospital, working there before her enlistment noted as October 28, 1940.

She stood 5' 4" tall, weighed 110 pounds, had hazel eyes and brown hair. She had her appendix removed in 1933. She was fluently bilingual.


Lt. Nursing Sister Levesque admitted to hospital in January 1941 with an upper respiratory infection, and again in May 10, 1941, discharged June 13, 1941. In June 1941, she had broncho pneumonia. In November 1941, she suffered a head injury while skating. Lt N/S Levesque was again in the hospital January 13, 1942 until January 28, 1942 with another upper respiratory infection, then acute bronchitis May 23, 1942 to May 26, 1942. In December 1943, she was in the hospital again for four days.

Details of her skating accident: "November 12, 1941. While skating two days ago, the patient was thrown and struck the back part of her head (external occipital protruberance) against the ice. She was carried into the dressing room but does not remember the details. On awakening, she had pecular pins and needles all over her body. She was rather badly shaken and the fingers of her left hand were cut. The following day, she had a bitemperal headache, some neck stiffness and mild dysphasia which consisted in a tendency to stammer. She skated again, but was a bit shaky. Last evening, she felt as though her right hand was awkward in writing. She was seen in the Iris Lodge Nursing Home today and as a precautionary procedure, was admitted for a few days rest and investigation. Cursory examination showed no abnormalities in motor cranial nerves, no neck stiffness and apparent equality in hand grips." She had an x-ray done of her skull. "Further examination in detail of the remainder of nervous system is negative. There is a mild amount of neck stiffness on right head turning, but this is probably fibrous or muscular in location."

She had personal leaves on February, 1941, April 1941, December 8, 1941, March 23, 1942, November 5, 1942, February 8, 1943, May 18, 1943.

In Rome, Italy, on October 14, 1944, she married Italian-born, Marcel Dussio, a member of the Royal 22e Regiment during the Second World War. He was a civilian liaison officer attached to the 'Van Doos.' His address was 193 Via d'El, Babuino, Rome, Italy.

"Having married on October 14, 1944, is known as Lt. (N.S.) M. C. Dussio. SOS Cdn Army active & reserve 27 February 1945 on being permitted to resign her commission." March 16, 1945. She was noted as being 32 years old, 11 months, stood 5' 4 1/2" tall, dark complexion, hazel eyes, and brown hair. Served in United Kingdom and the CMF.

On February 16, 1945: "I have occassional attacks of palpitation and occasional sharp pain in the left side of the chest. My menstrual periods have stopped." Last menstrual period began September 30, 1944. About the end of November 1944, began to feel nauseated and vomitted occasionally. Did not stop work. Nausea and anorexia lasted about three weeks. From about December 20, 1944, had attacks of dizziness and hands and feet and face became swollen. Was treated at No. 1 CGH December 27, 1944 to February 11, 1945. Diagnosis: early toxaemia of pregnancy. Only symptoms are palpitation and occasional pain in chest.

On February 15, 1945, the Medical Specialist's Report stated, "Present complaints: occasional nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and intermittent puffiness of feet. December 17, 1944 to February 10, 1945: in 1 Canadian General Hospital under diagnosis of toxaemia of pregnancy (mild). This N/S has no complaints of physical conditions prior to her pregnancy, which is now of 3 1/2 months duration. History records that there was very slight swelling of hands and face on December 28, 1944. Seven blood pressure readings showed maximum of 100/58. She had fever to 101 on 15 and 16 January with some cough. X-ray chest on January 23, 1945 was negative. IMPRESSION: Pregnancy nearly 4 months. No general physical disability. The mild toxaemia in first trimester of pregnancy is NOT based on any underlying physical defect, and is unlikely to effect the course of a normal pregnancy. Expected date of confinement: July 7, 1945." Major R. P. Howard, Medical Specialist, No. 1 Cdn Fd. Hosp, RCAMC

On August 2, 1946, Marie Cecile Dussio died of Tuberculosis. She is buried in the Verano Communal Cemetery in Rome, Italy in the Dussio family plot.

Lt Nursing Sister Levesque was interviewed en francais in August 1944 before she married, as noted in the Canadian Virtual War Memorial. However, the clip is not available now.